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Asset Management & Rationalization

Supplier Asset Management Program
  • Farris - IPrism - Farris has worked with OSHA and a number of customers to develop an all-encompassing software package to manage the safety of all items within a plant.  Please contact your TVI representative for more information regarding this program.
TVI Developed Asset Management Programs
  • Storeroom Management - TVI has worked with a number of customers to clean up storerooms, reduce duplication of part numbers, identification of areas to reduce of inventory
  • Valve Automation - Are you looking to stock components for valve automation?  TVI can help raionalize the components you keep on the shelf to ensure you have the right products to automate all of your processes.  TVI's secure extranet web application can catalog your valve automation packages by serial number, showing all the details of each package purchased, ensuring your replacement automation package is a duplicate of the last order.
  • Relief Valves - TVI's valve tracking software can provide details on all of the repair process of each valve including repair history, parts replaced, and parts to replace at the next service.
  • Customized Part Number Tagging - With multiple automated tagging machines, TVI can include any information on your assets.  Tags can be metal or plastic.
  • RFID Tracking - TVI can track and inventory your assets using state of the art RFID technology. Catalog information can be accessed on TVI's secure web site, or exported to your own internal IT systems.