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In-house Maintenance & Repair

In-House Repair
  • TVI proudly services its customers with six repair locations. By strategically placing VR shops throughout our served market, we offer our customers the advantage of in-house repair with the convenience of local service.
  • New Relief Valve and VR Repair - With three National Board and ASME certified repair locations, we have the personnel and equipment to repair all of your relief valves in our facilities. All of our VR repairs follow our quality process that has been approved by the National Board.
  • High Pressure Relief Valve Repair - TVI uses an AVK to set valves that may have a set pressure in excess of our test stand capabilities.
  • Non-Code Relief Valve Repair - TVI has expertise in refurbishing conservation vents and, flame arrestors, and other equipment. Although not governed by the National Board, our repair process follows a stringent standard to bring valves back to a like-new condition.
  • Gate, Globe, Check Valves - TVI has the in house capabilities of repairing manual valves in excess of 72". This includes repair, replacement of parts, and hydrotesting.
  • Automated Valve Repair - Do you have valves that need to be automated? Bring them to TVI. We have the in-house knowledge to properly size any valve and can build brackets and couplings. In addition, TVI can rebuild any control valve or automated valve package. TVI only uses factory parts in all repairs - ensuring your valves will be returned to you in the best condition possible.
  • New Valve Automation - With our relationships with many factories, TVI can build automation packages to supply your needs. Packages can include supporting documentation and asset tracking.
  • Contact your local TVI representatitive to inquire about other capabilities and services.
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