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Supply Chain Services

  • Vendor Rationalization - TVI has worked with a number of customers to cost effectively provide a full range of products allowing for a reduction of suppliers.
  • Online Ordering - With online ordering, TVI offers customers the ability to order items quickly and easily.
  • Contract Pricing - All pricing contractually agreed to is available to all locations in our e-commerce solution. This reduces pricing concerns for remote locations.
  • Customized Cataloging - Only items you wish to purchase will appear in your catalog.
  • Multiple Location Support - Corporate can be copied on orders for any or all locations as orders are placed keeping everyone immediately aware of all expenses.
  • Customer Part Number Reference on all Orders - TVI will place your part number on all items purchased making it easier to identify items during receiving and payable entry.
  • Custom Labeling - TVI can print custom labels on delivery boxes helping to identify purchase order information, job information, or any other information that would help you during the receiving process.