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On-Site Maintenance & Repair

  • Welded In Relief Valves - Valve repair trailers has expanded TVI’s support of customers to include many areas of on-site maintenance and repair. TVI has the tools to repair any relief valve that's welded in place. We can come onsite and pre-test valves as well as repair in place.
  • On-Site Relief Valve Repair - TVI can bring a mobile repair facility to your location. This can reduce the turnaround time on valves by eliminating the drive time to a shop. Our team of valve technicians have years of experience working on all brands of relief valves.
  • Field Machining – TVI has the tools and expertise to field machine most parts within manufacturer’s recommended tolerances reducing the need to return to a shop to complete valve repairs. This capability greatly reduces repair time for customers.
  • Welded in Valve Repair - TVI's team is trained to repair any type of valve welded in place or flanged valves where customers would prefer a repair in place rather than valve removal. This includes pressure seal valves, Orbit valves, as well as gate, globe and check valves.
  • On-Site Valve Repair - TVI's mobile trailer contains fixed equipment as well as mobile equipment to inspect, repair, and test valves at a customer's location.
  • High Pressure Repairs - TVI maintains AVK equipment for applications involving high pressure to ensure your valves are set properly without damaging valve components.
  • Contact your local TVI representatitive for more information.
TVI's On-Site Trailer
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